Tis The Season

stock-photo-christmas-lantern-on-snow-with-fir-branch-in-evening-scene-734835814 copy

It’s the time of year when we need to put ourselves in “time out”! All the stress and craziness of the season leaves us worn down with head spinning so it’s OK to find a quiet corner and spend a few moments just breathing. Listen to the sounds around you, your breath, calm the to do list in your head and just be!

I love sitting by my Christmas Villages (yes I have multiple villages) at night with the lights on, seeing the twinkle of the tree nearby, thinking of the simplicity of the old ways where family, friends, song, good food and drink were most important. Somehow we have let the “things” take over the season. Our family has cut back on some of the “things” the last few years and have brought back a few of the older traditions, which makes for a more relaxing and memorable holiday. What traditions would you like to include this year? What “things” can you do without?

However you celebrate the holidays remember to stop and be thankful for the year you were given, to take time to be with family and friends, and above all just be in the moment!

Happy and safe holidays to all from my family to yours.

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