Tis The Season

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It’s the time of year when we need to put ourselves in “time out”! All the stress and craziness of the season leaves us worn down with head spinning so it’s OK to find a quiet corner and spend a few moments just breathing. Listen to the sounds around you, your breath, calm the to do list in your head and just be!

I love sitting by my Christmas Villages (yes I have multiple villages) at night with the lights on, seeing the twinkle of the tree nearby, thinking of the simplicity of the old ways where family, friends, song, good food and drink were most important. Somehow we have let the “things” take over the season. Our family has cut back on some of the “things” the last few years and have brought back a few of the older traditions, which makes for a more relaxing and memorable holiday. What traditions would you like to include this year? What “things” can you do without?

However you celebrate the holidays remember to stop and be thankful for the year you were given, to take time to be with family and friends, and above all just be in the moment!

Happy and safe holidays to all from my family to yours.

Happy Winter Solstice!


Today is the shortest day of the year and signifies the return of daylight. I have spent the day reflecting on the bounties of the year and what I wanted to release and be done with. Sometimes letting go of what no longer serves you is hard, taking a long hard look at where you are and what has been holding you back takes work. If you can release to the world the ideas, habits or thoughts that limit you it can be liberating! Take time out tonight and reflect and decide what needs to be gone from your life.



Herbal Flu and Cold Relief


I have been waiting on this tincture to be ready for what seems forever and just in time for cold and flu season! If you are not familiar with tinctures think of them as natures medicine. Before big pharmaceutical companies existed humans relied upon herbal based medicines to help them heal and feel better. So many of the herbs, plants and flowers that you are familiar with have tremendous healing properties and it’s easy, but time-consuming, to harness those benefits.

Making a tincture is one way to make herbal medicine that can be used instead of over the counter medication for headaches, upset tummy, colds and flu just to name a few. Of course always check with a doctor before taking any medication to insure you are correctly diagnosing the problem. A tincture can be made with fresh or dried herbs and plants, can be made with 90-100 proof alcohol and must sit for around 4-6 weeks minimum before use.


This particular tincture was made with Tito’s Vodka, Echinacea, Thyme, Rosemary and other beneficial herbs mixed together in a mason jar, blended with cold and flu symptoms in mind. It’s been about 7 weeks since I made this blend and will strain it and prepare it for usage.

Echinacea is known for its helpful properties when it comes to colds. It builds the immune system, helps with upper respiratory issues, and reduces pain. Rosemary helps detox the body, reduces pain and inflammation, improves mood, protects against infection and is rich in iron and vitamin B-6. Thyme helps prevent fungal and viral infections, improves mood and supports good respiratory health and breathing. Other herbs used will help strengthen the immune system, fight inflammation, and will boost antioxidants in the system.

Can be taken daily but is used short term, just for cold and flu symptoms. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, young children, or those with high blood pressure. Herbs are powerful medicine when used correctly!

* Disclaimer, I am not a medical doctor, nurse or other licensed health care professional. I’m just giving you my knowledge of plants and herbs.